Eat What You Want And Lose Weight

Does this sound too good to be true? Can you eat whatever you want and still lose weight? Let’s find out! Today’s article is dedicated to the ancient debate whether it is possible to lose with by doing just exercise, or just dieting, or whether it is the combination of these two which gives the best results.

Being On A Diet

First of all, we should talk into more detail what does this even refer to. A lot of people think that dieting means not eating enough or restraining yourself from eating. The truth is, the term diet refers to what you eat, period. So, if you eat a healthy diet, the results will surely follow.

Eating What You Want

Lose Weight

Similarly, eating what you want is also a term we should discuss. Eating what you want when you already decide to eat healthy is not a danger for your body weight or body image. On the other hand, if you normally eat unhealthy food in unhealthy amounts, eating what you want can sound like a recipe for disaster. Ultimately, it depends on what type of foods you normally crave. Being able to control your urges will give the best results. Also, being able to distinguish between the time when you are hungry and when you are eating for any other hunger-unrelated reason, can guide you to your perfect body.

Eating What You Want And Losing Weight

Lose WeightBecause of all the things we have already mentioned, it is possible to say that losing weight and eating what you want depends simply on what you mean when using that terminology. The best results are achieved when you exercise moderately and eat moderately. Eating what you want regarding eating a lot of saturated fats, fatty foods, and sugary foods is certainly a recipe for disaster. If you want to eat what you want and still lose weight, it is not just enough for you to exercise, but you must also be moderate when it comes to your diet. Therefore, you will be able to eat even something unhealthy even though it will be just from time to time. Also, you might not even need to skip deserts if that means that you will have just a bite of cake, you see – it all depends on your perspective. Still, eating healthy, eating moderately and exercising will still give the best results!