Our team is dedicated and devoted to one goal and one goal only, and that is to give you the perfect body you have always longed for! Finally, days of feeling flabby and out of shape are over and done with; now it is the time to exercise with us and get into a perfect shape of your life. The experts in our fitness center will guide you on this journey, and they will always be there for you to help you and provide you motivation. Many people wait for the 31st of December to make a New Year’s Eve resolution to exercise and lose weight but do so today, and you will be a lot happier soon!

Our Offer

Man’s Fitness

A work-out routine for men should be drastically different than the one for ladies. First of all, the accent is on getting your mass increased and lowering the percentage of body fat. Men love to exercise with us, and they always come back to our fitness center, because they know we provide special programs just for them which are supposed to give them the support they need to achieve their goal. Even if you are completely out of shape, our team will give you all you need to achieve that dream-like body!

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Woman’s Fitness

Being a lady is not easy: you have to look right, you have to behave right. A lot is expected from women these days, they are apparently supposed to look as if they should be on a cover of a magazine, and getting there is just not easy. Exercising with us will help you achieve your goal and get the body you have always dreamed of. In addition to that, we have classes which have been specially designed for women, and their goal is to give the best results for our clients.

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Our team of Instructors

Zumba Instructor

Hi! My name is Jen, and a lot of people call me Jenny from the block, because of my hot body! If you want to have a perfect, hot body just like me and Jennifer Lopez, you should know that it is all the result of a dance routine! Come and dance with us!

Personal Fitness Trainer

Michael Jones – Since I have become a personal trainer I have had amazing luck to get the clients that have achieved awesome results! I utterly admire their motivation, and I seem to guide them right to their goal! If you would like to train with me, come to our studio!

Personal Trainer

Lucy Baum – Being heavy at one point in my life allows me to understand what people are going through to get their perfect body. Let me help you achieve your results in a fast and easy way! I will be there to guide you and show you the way!

Martial Arts Instructor

James Brooke – Since I was a kid I was fascinated with martial arts since I have been working in our fitness studio, I have learned how to use the martial arts to make workout routines interesting and different. Also, you will be getting an insanely toned body out of our workout sesh!

About Fordangle


Our Goal

Our team consists of leading experts and enthusiastic fitness trainers who will help you achieve your goal of getting a toned and fit body your spirit deserves. We truly believe that our bodies are our temples and we continually try to provide you with the most amazing temple you can imagine. Our team is dedicated to giving you the tools to achieve amazing results and motivating you to succeed.


Our Gym

In addition to that, our gym is completely equipped with the latest and best equipment for our clients to use. Also, you will have the opportunity to exercise alone, as well as to participate in group sessions. The gym is also equipped with the things you may need during the workout, so you should just bring your lovely self.



Our programs are especially designed so that everyone can find something which suits their needs. Stretched out throughout the day they range from aerobics, to dance, to martial arts. There is a ton of things you can try out before you decide which program is the one for you. There is also a bunch of programs designed for ladies and women who have had a child recently, to bounce back to shape more easily.

Remember, Health is the priority! Contact us and be fit!

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